Best Life Insurance Rates for SCUBA Divers

Written by Life Insurance With Jason

An estimated 2.5-3.5 million Americans participate in recreational scuba diving. Another 500 thousand become certified each year in the United States.  These growing numbers point to why scuba diving is the most frequently encountered sport in Life Insurance underwriting.  Scuba divers shopping for Life Insurance are often surprised by the perception from Insurance companies that.. More

Affordable Life Insurance for Diabetics

Written by Life Insurance With Jason

If you have diabetes, finding affordable Life Insurance can be very frustrating.  Many people simply think that Life Insurance is not available for diabetics and do not search for options.  At Life Insurance with Jason, we have helped many diabetics secure low-cost affordable coverage.  With advances in healthcare and medicine, Life Insurance companies are becoming.. More

Life Insurance 101

Written by Life Insurance With Jason

Life Insurance.  Two simple words that carry so many emotions.  People will go to great lengths to avoid a discussion on life insurance.  And who can blame them?  Purchasing life insurance is like planning a party for someone that you do not get to attend.  So why do we purchase life insurance?  We do it.. More