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Purchasing Life Insurance Online

The Internet has provided consumers an easy solution for purchasing Life Insurance.  In the old days, consumers would travel to their local agent’s office or an agent would visit your home.  There, at the kitchen table, you would be offered ONE price from ONE company.  There were no other options.

While most agents had good intentions, at the end of the day they were acting in the best interest of their insurance company.  That is the advantage of working with an independent agent.  At Life Insurance with Jason, we have access to over 40 A rated insurance companies.  We fight hard every day to find you the best rate for your health situation.  We work WITH the insurance companies, NOT for them.

So why use the internet to shop for Life Insurance?  The internet gives the consumer more power by providing multiple online life insurance quotes.  Without any sales pressure, consumers can compare premiums and become more educated on the life insurance process.

Obtaining a quote online for life insurance is easy.  All independent agents are similar in that we all can offer the same rates for life insurance.  What separates Life Insurance with Jason from other independent agents is our experience and knowledge to place consumers with the correct product that is customized to their individual health. In helping to place over 1,000 life insurance polices, I have seen every type of health condition imaginable. Knowing what questions to ask and which company to start the application with is vital to receiving the best offer in a timely manner.

If you are just looking for information, visit my blog page.  There you will find information about life insurance, certain health conditions, underwriting, and the application process.  At Life Insurance with Jason, we look forward to earning your business.  If we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to call.



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